Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Freaky Fear of Hospitals

So I just went to the hospital today and I'd like to tell you one thing:

I hate shots.

Lets just get it out there becuase that's the truth, black and white right smackadoodle-doo right there on your computer/tablet/phone/ipod screen. It it true.

And guess what happened when my doctor went 'Hey Audrey, I think you need a shot today!'

Yea. I almost fainted. Well a smacking hour later, me on the table and warily handing my arm to the nurse. And I closed my eyes and turned around.


Boo-ya, tears and drama, and delirious laughter and I felt like my arm was dying.

Mmm..'kay. Yea. I just feel... weak right now.

More on colorguard later.


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