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Soory Guys!

I think I owe you guys an update! I missed Ash Wednesday, which was the day before Valentines Day!

:), I promise that I'll put the update somewhere.
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Social Heirachy At Daft

photo.JPG Just a visual :)

It will be updated tomorrow :) <3
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Have you ever just like have something in your hand, and you raise it up, and then like all of a sudden your body just goes 'I cannot do this' and then you just like slowly put your hand back down.

Then you try it again fro like 10 times and it's always the same answer.

Then at the end, you just slam down hat thing down and go 'I give up, I just cannot do this'.

I find whatever that's in my hand a pencil quite often. Occasionally It's my iTouch, but I rarely slam that down.

It's already cracked twice and extremely slow.

I'm writing this story right now, and I am self-publishing it. And my goal is to write 1,000 words per day, but some days I just have to go 'I cannot do this. I have this huge-ass road block'.

So now, I'm horribly singing along to extremely happy songs. It's kind of creepy.

But it's that or get high off of Starbucks.


Reading: Obsidian by Armentrout
Listening: One day by Matisyhu
Eating: some kind of Asian snack
Obsessing over: The Mortal Instruments by Clare
Internet Obsesing over: Some Kind of Wonderful (fictionpress awards) & Tumblr
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Since Talented really is my main story:
A. I'm at  road block with Convergent
B. Both Infinities aren't really doing well and aren't really good
C. Since the Thalico one is connected to the Infinities, and it is also on Haitus.


I'm just going to finish up Talented and continue on the other Percy J's.

I can't continue Convergent until I get my hands on the divergent books.

I forgot all about the series. It's been a year since I've read them.
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Dreaming of Stars Awards!


I created the Dreaming of Stars Awards!

I'm with this awesome girl:

And we are Admins/judges. I specialize in fanfiction and Challenge #1 is up!

Go here to enter and join!

:) Enter! Awards are there!

Again, this thing has just started and I hope you enjoy this as much as I do!


~Miss. Waters