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12 Days of Shadowhunter Christmas...


We have a total of 12 chapters!

They will be edited *slowly* over the next few months.


I'm so excited!
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Piper's Dress Chapter 4

See link:

I rather like it :) Just imagine it floor length, with a black necklace.

*This post is before the actual chapter is posted

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Forms are up~

Please go here! :)




Pleas take note of the following:

  • I will not be updating except for holidays, birthdays, long vacations.
  • A google document will be posted for you guys to enter in your birthdays, random events, extra holidays that I missed.
  • If you want a chapter to be dedicated to you, please give me a date, why, and too whom.


I only have 29 holidays taken note of, here are the ones I will post on (hopefully):

  1. New Years
  2. Martin Luther King Jr
  3. Valentines day
  4. Presidents Day
  5. Ash Wednesday
  6. Daylight Savings
  7. St Patrick's
  8. Palm Sunday
  9. Good Friday
  10. Passover (maybe)
  11. Easter Sunday
  12. Earth day
  13. Mother's day
  14. Memorial Day
  15. Flag Day
  16. Father's Day
  17. Independence Day
  18. Labor Day
  19. Rosh Hashanah
  20. Yom Kippur
  21. Columbus
  22. Untied Nations
  23. Hallowing
  24. Daylight Savings End
  25. Veterans
  26. Thanksgiving
  27. Hanukkah
  28. Christmas
  29. New Years Eve (not)
I might not update on religious holidays.

If any holidays are shorter than a week, there will be only one update. Any a week or more, two upates/longer update is to be expected.

Thank you.

Of course, I"ll be updating on my birthday :)

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First Post

Hey friendly lurker/stalker/random-person!

This is my first post (that has got to be evident).

This website is under construction and I will announce when it will not be.

So from now on, you will see things changing.

If something is hard for you to read/understand/see, please let me know and notify me :)

Thank you!