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Little fun fact about me:
I'm in colorguard
I'm part of the yearbook staff.

In the yearbook, first, you need to go through yearbook training, then you get to chose your job. There are three jobs, the Copy Writer, the Photographer, and the Layout builder. The copy writer makes that huge, long paragraph that you see on practically every page. The photographer took all of the photos. And the layout builder decides where the paragraph (a.k.a copy) and photos go.

I am the copy writer.

One of the hardest jobs there is. Most people don't choose it because you need to contact the outside more social world more. And therefore, more chance to slip up and utterly embarrass yourself in front of the wholes student body. Not good. A lot of people chose photographer, because you get to show that your part of the yearbook team (and get promoted in the social heir achy), and you don't have as much contact with the more social world. Layout builders stay in the room 24/7 and use their fancy shmancy computers.

We are separated into teams.

Each team consists of three people; one copy writer, one photographer, and one layout builder. Those three people work in perfect harmony such horrible harmony that they start calling each other names. The three people work on one spread, which is two pages in a book that face each other. You can also be in two teams, which means that you work on two spreads, and you need to do twice the work of one. You can also be in as many teams as you want.

We have deadline nights.

Which means that we stay at school until one in the morning working on yearbook to get they too the printing plant. If we don't make the deadline, then the school has to pay fees (which isn't good).

My layout builder sucks.

I am in two teams. One of them is golf spread (all about golf), and the other one is the band spread (all about band). Now my layout builder for golf sucks. Like sucks. Like sucks. Usually, my layout builder gets my headline box (and box where you headline in) all perfect and all I need to do is type n my title. BUT NO. He doesn't even know how to do it.


So this is what I do: I yell at him to get off the computer, while I fiqure everything out. AND IT TAKES ME A WHOLE FREAKING PERIOD. Like. Seriously. I got pissed so I fixed his math spread, a spread that I'm not even working on. AND EVERYTHING LOOKS LIKE CRAP AND SHIT    very bad stuff.

My rant. Okay. My photographer is a mean to me. (and I accidentally said that in front of the teacher... oops, except for using a much more worse term).

So tired: Need food: Let me sleep: Let me write: Let me read a book.

I'll talk about colorguard later.
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Starcrossed, Josephine Angelini

I have just finished this book. I loved it.

Maybe love was too strong of a word, but I did really like it. It sort of this Percy Jackson thing which everyone knows that I love and I was instantly obsessed with it. Three days is not enough.

It does this whole play with demigods, and what happens when say, a demigod of Demeter crosses with a demigod of Hecate. What happens, their powers, all that wonderful pizazz that I'm totally obsessed with.

It's actually something like Half-Blood by Armentrout (I tend to call all Authors by their last name), but without the whole Covenant Society thing (but in Starcrossed, they do have their own weird society).

I cannot believe that I'm comparing this book with another book most of you probably have not read. So I will stop.

There is a lot of reference to the past, which I just am in love with (because everyone needs a good dose of History lesson every other time).

The Fates/Furies have a ton of things to deal with this book. Like, I'm not even kidding. I mean, I totally can stand the Furies, but in my mind they are these little ugly beasts trying to break everybody's perfect ship.

Like. What. The. Effing. Gods. Just stop. Do you not see our hearts breaking tragically? You are trying to ruin their epically-perfect-to-the-dot RELATIONSHIP.



Stupid Furies.

But there's not a lot of sadness in this book. Just a ton of confusion and question marks. Which isn't necessarily bad, because I think there is a sequel. I think.

I hate these books (this category includes Percy Jackson, and The Mortal Instruments), because you just love them so much and at the end they freaking RIP YOUR HEART OUT AND SHOVE IT ON THE FLOOR AND STOMP ON IT AND DESTORY IT (I mean, not as much as Cassie Clare does, the way she does it it's like freaking heart abuse).


It's a lovely book. Greekish. Demigodish. Perfect.

Except for the Furies.

Stupid Furies ruin everything. They are like why Bad Relationship Statuses exist. Which is really sad because they like ruin OTPs and major Ships.

But still read it. :)