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Eve and Adam by Michael Grant

First thing that went through my head when I finished this book: what?

This is a book about a girl creating a boy with extreme advanced technology. So advanced that the 'perfect boy' that Eve (the girl) creates becomes real. Like living-flesh real.

Rating? 2.5 stars.

5/6 of the books is about creating Adam. Actually, 5/6 of the book was written without Adam (the perfect boy). 1/6 of the book actually has Adam. Last 40 pages. No chemistry between perfect boy and main character. Last 40 pages. Growing chemistry between other people.

What. The. Fuck.

I'll give him one star for creative plot. The whole scientist thing, and the new creations. One star.

Another star for creating my favorite character in the whole book who is not the main character.

And half a star for the action. Which was border-line action, border-line thrown in there so there is action.

I don't know whether to label this as 'Twilight-bad' or 'Better than Twilight' or 'Worth my time, but not worth another read'. It was fun reading it, but after, you kind of realize all of the faults of this story, which is a lot, once you realize it. It's sort of like Twilight, but better. You kind of enjoyed reading it, but once you close the book you have to go 'vampires sparkle? Bella's attitude? stalker Edward?'.

I would read it. You might like it, but just be aware that once you finish it and review everything in you head you realize how faulty it is.
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Clockwork Princess by Cassandra Clare

I'd let to get one thing across the table right now: Just because I like Cassandra Clare's work doesn't mean I like her as a person. 

I love her works. Man, those are good stories, but that whole thing about cyberbullying others? Not cool. I can read her stuff, I can like her stuff, doesn't mean I like her. It's like Taylor Swift. I'm this total Swiftie fan (and I'm pretty sure I spelled that wrong), but her date-and-dump thing going on doesn't agree with me.

Just getting that across the board.

This reveiw has spoilers from the last two books.

Things you might want to get when reading this book:

  • ice cream
  • tissues
  • warm blanket

But Oh by the Angel, this was a shmurgaberg shadow-tastic book. There will be tears. There will be sobs, and there will be extreme shock. If you have been scrolling through tumblr, or heard some sort of rumor, it's just coming from those who have already read them book and is right. But for those who have been hoping for it, no, Jem and Will do not have a heated make-out session. But the rest I've heard have been correct.

But the love thing kind of confuses me. I feel like Tessa agreed to the engagement with Will was because she felt like she would've felt guilty saying no. Not that she actually loved him. Which was weird, but it kind of goes the same thing with Will and Tessa. All I know is they have stuff in common, Will is a hot guy and boom- a bit of chemistry. What? I just don't understand. This is like Piper and Jason from Riordan's The Heroes of Olympus. Actually, for that one, I haven't even figured out what they have in common, and why they like each other.

I was still confused at some parts, but the writing was good. Though she did take quite a lot of pages just to write one fight scene which I though was kind of cool. It was like the second book to Fallen, a whole book just about like 15 days. Woah. A hectic life there. The fight scenes were detailed, but not so much that they were overly-gory, and the romance there was hot and heated. Definite plus.

I liked the details of Tessa's London, and the Epilouge was heart-wrenchingly....breaking. Yea. That. I just sobbed though the whole thing. So just get ready for a sob-fest. It was sad that this whole series ended and I am extremely close to these characters (if not closer than those in TMI). So it was quite sad for me.

I hope you will/had enjoy(ed) this book!

Freaky Fear of Hospitals

So I just went to the hospital today and I'd like to tell you one thing:

I hate shots.

Lets just get it out there becuase that's the truth, black and white right smackadoodle-doo right there on your computer/tablet/phone/ipod screen. It it true.

And guess what happened when my doctor went 'Hey Audrey, I think you need a shot today!'

Yea. I almost fainted. Well a smacking hour later, me on the table and warily handing my arm to the nurse. And I closed my eyes and turned around.


Boo-ya, tears and drama, and delirious laughter and I felt like my arm was dying.

Mmm..'kay. Yea. I just feel... weak right now.

More on colorguard later.
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The Taking Down of my Fics

My fanfiction has been taken down
Becuase I wanted to. Just kidding, becuase they needed to be finnished and edited
They have already been taken down, but they will be reuploaded when either they are edited, or finnished
My account: