Friday, April 12, 2013

Eve and Adam by Michael Grant

First thing that went through my head when I finished this book: what?

This is a book about a girl creating a boy with extreme advanced technology. So advanced that the 'perfect boy' that Eve (the girl) creates becomes real. Like living-flesh real.

Rating? 2.5 stars.

5/6 of the books is about creating Adam. Actually, 5/6 of the book was written without Adam (the perfect boy). 1/6 of the book actually has Adam. Last 40 pages. No chemistry between perfect boy and main character. Last 40 pages. Growing chemistry between other people.

What. The. Fuck.

I'll give him one star for creative plot. The whole scientist thing, and the new creations. One star.

Another star for creating my favorite character in the whole book who is not the main character.

And half a star for the action. Which was border-line action, border-line thrown in there so there is action.

I don't know whether to label this as 'Twilight-bad' or 'Better than Twilight' or 'Worth my time, but not worth another read'. It was fun reading it, but after, you kind of realize all of the faults of this story, which is a lot, once you realize it. It's sort of like Twilight, but better. You kind of enjoyed reading it, but once you close the book you have to go 'vampires sparkle? Bella's attitude? stalker Edward?'.

I would read it. You might like it, but just be aware that once you finish it and review everything in you head you realize how faulty it is.


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