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The Happenings of the Dull Mortal Realms (Non-magical version)

It has been quite a long time! A month and a day! A few things that have happened:

New And Improved Talented: A Percabeth Fanfiction
***Second Chapter will be Replaced
A New Fictionpress Story: Ink and Paper
***Second Chapter will be uploaded within a few days

And that's only the outside world! In the inside world of my life, it has been quite horrendous. Apparently I am using so much bigger words now.

Harvard! Harvard! Harvard!

Life is getting really complicated right now, so updates will be very long, but very few within a time frame of 5 months. I used to updated about, say, 6-8 times in 5 months, but now, with all of these intrusions (not all of them unpleasant. I see a future boyfriend possibility coming up!) I will be updating about 1-3 times every 5 months. But, don't get worried! I'll get it done and stuff!

So I'm just here to tell you that I'm still alive and breathing!

I'll pop back in later

Ta-Ta My Loves!

Audrey W.