My (pen) name is Aud Waters! I write a lot, but mostly on fanfiction.
I am an avid romance reader and writer.
I am also an anime drawer (non-official), and needs the lesson on how to draw hands, and feet. Much needed.
I'm an American-asian, so when I write non-fanfiction stories, they usually consist of at least one character that has:
A. Black Hair
B. Black Eyes
C. Asian

I can connect to it much more easier, the more I connect, the easier to write, the more I connect, the better it will be.

I have an obsession with blue (and hot fictional guys, not nessessarily in this order), I know it shouldn't be good, but, whatever.

If you want to contact me:

IG: waterbluewings
Kik: waterbluewings

That's about the only option right now :)

Read On! (superman pose)


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